Are you a sole trader that worries you’re not as successful as you could be?

Frustrated that time is passing and your business isn’t where you want it to be. 

Or do you feel that your business is running you and you simply can’t take it to the next level? 

Do you feel out on a limb with no one to turn to discuss your business ideas or issues?

Would you like to have an enjoyable and affordable solution that will help skyrocket your business, give you the support you need and ensure you make time to work on your business?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then unleash your full business potential by joining an online MasterMind Group and
6x your Brain Power!

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Why Masterminds are so powerful

It can be a lonely and discouraging experience being self employed and sometimes just having the facility to bounce ideas of other business people can be invaluable. Sure you can chat to your spouse or your mum but unless they are in business its unlikely they will understand the problems you are facing or be able to spot future business opportunities for you.

We often have a million ideas for our business but we often don’t act on any because we are unsure which one is right for the business, or maybe we start something but actually don’t complete it!

Having goals is of course essential in any business - but as a self employed person you can set goals and actions till your blue in the face but its the following through with them can be tricky - simply because you have no one accountable to but yourself.

A mastermind group will keep you accountable…its human nature that if we’ve committee out loud to doing something we are 65%more likely to do so and studies have shown that business owners who have regular meetings with accountability partners (such as those in a mastermind group) are 95% more likely to achieve their goals than those that don’t!

So if you want to be 95% more successful in your business apply to join a MasterMind Group now!

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Who am I

I’m Rachael Willoughby…I’m a business owner just like you..And just like you I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs in business..

There comes a point in business when the newness of it all and the excitement of running your own business just kind of wears off…when it all seems like a struggle…when you feel like your business is running you, when you think you are just never going to hit the income that you want.

Or, if like me, you hit the income levels and then suddenly it’s all taken away from you…for whatever reason.

In my case it was the recession! Or at least that’s what I told myself bitterly for a couple of years until the realisation that it wasn’t the recession – it was the way I was running my business that allowed the recession to have a devastating effect on my business!

Anyway – fast forward 5 years…one brilliant business coach later and not only is my original business thriving but the income its bringing is allowing me to follow my true passion – helping people like you!

I’ve discovered that I love connecting people and more importantly seeing people’s businesses thrive.

My why…my passion – the reason I get up every morning with a sense of purpose is because I know I have a solution to help you –the self employed,  the sole trader, the micro business owner, the entrepreneur… and I’m determined to get this concept out to as many people as possible.

Part of my coaching involved being in a Mastermind Group and its this concept that literally changed the trajectory of my website business and why I know its such a powerfull tool!

Now let’s just make things clear – I’m not a business coach and have no desire to be one….

I’m simply a business woman who wants to pay it forward, share my knowledge, connect people together and provide a safe environment for the sharing of this knowledge in the form of MasterMind Groups.

Now I didn’t invent this solution and I’m certainly not the only person doing it (though maybe the only person offering it at this price level!) it’s been around since the Ancient Greeks!

Kind Words

  • What's so good about the LBN MasterMinds is that you can talk about your challenge for a good length of time and really pull apart some of your business issues - its really pushed my business forward.

    Fanny Snaith
  • The LBN MasterMind group has been really beneficial to me. We all share our achievements, problems and challenges and everyone pitches in with great constructive advice.

    Nicola Hancock
  • The LBN MasterMind group has given me an opportunity to consolidate what I want to do in my business. I’m not alone anymore and it’s great to bounce ideas off others.

    Jayne Burke
  • The LBN MasterMind gave me the opportunity to see how others look at my business. it focussed my mind to make changes even if they were just small ones.

    Manuela Joynes
  • It was such a positive and productive morning. I came away with a list of actions to take which i started THAT DAY. Thank you Rachael - I feel truly motivated after the LBN MasterMind Taster.

    Judith Humphries
  • I loved Rachael’s Mastermind Taster and got a lot out of it! when you work on your own its nice to get reassurance that you are ding things right. I would recommend anyone having a session!

    Jane Mallett
  • The session was fun, well run and full of supportive switched on entrepreneurs that saw my business through their lens and gave me invaluable insights.

    Gill Kirkham
  • I enjoyed meeting with other female entrepreneurs, its great to see how others view your challenges and can throw a different light on it. It also a great way to keep on top of all the latest tech that people are using!

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