Excuse No 10 as to why You Can’t Join a MasterMind Group

“I won’t gain as much as I will give”

So in LBN masterminds part of the premise is that you share knowledge and experience. You might be in a group where you feel that you are the most experienced member, and as a result you could have the mindset of thinking, “I know more than these people, therefore, they’ll get more out of being in this group me than I will from them. “

Now this isn’t true for three reasons.

Number one, you may well have been in business for a number of years, but often someone standing outside of your business can see things in a totally different light from you. You’ve heard the expression, “can’t see the wood for the trees” right?

Number two, a less experienced business person doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less experienced in life. And as you know, life and business go hand in hand. You can’t separate them and quite often what you think is a business issue will turn out to be something that’s happening on a personal level.

Number three, there’s an expression coined by BNI Founder Ivan Misner called “Givers Gain. The premise being that when you give to people you gain. You gain back – it’s simple as that and you can gain on all sorts of levels.

So for instance, if you feel that you were giving more business advice, you will gain in other ways, you’ll gain in appreciation and being recognised as an expert and potentially that will lead to maybe business referrals. You’ll also gain a tremendous feeling of satisfaction in having helped a business person.

One of my favourite business books that discusses this concept in more details is called The Go Giver – An absolutely brilliant book that gives you a fantastic mindset that you should be having in business.

If you have a Go Giver mentality you will absolutely love Mastermind Groups!