Excuse No 11 as to Why You Can’t Join a Mastermind Group

“You don’t know what your ROI is going to be.”

So what’ does ROI mean? – it’s simply your Return on investment. 

So the investment for being in an LBN mastermind group over the whole year is currently £840 pounds ( set to rise in 2020 though!) and you’ll also need to factor in the time spent at the meetings and the time spent implementing whatever you’re going to do as a result of those meetings. 

Now frankly, I can’t tell you what your ROI is going to because it’s down to you to implement whatever it is that you’ve decided you’re going to implement. 

It’s fully dependent on you and only you can determine what and how much your ROI will be, because it’s dependent on the work that you put in.

 If you simply just turn up to the meetings and are there physically and say you’re going to do things but don’t actually do anything then you’re probably not going to get a great ROI. 

It’s one of the reasons why these MasterMinds aren’t actually free because if you’re not investing any of your money, you’re less likely to do the work.

But you also need to bear in mind that the ROI might not be a monetary one. It might be the fact that you have created more time in your life for yourself, that you’ve got a better work-life balance. You’ve got better peace of mind. You don’t feel so overwhelmed and these are things that you can’t put a monetary value on.

I’ll tell you one thing though, about one of my mastermind members,. Within two months of being in a mastermind group, she added £8,000 to the bottom figure of her business and every time she runs a particular course, she’ll add 8,000 pounds to her sales figures

So as I say, I have no idea how much your return on investment will be, but if you turn up and do the work there will definitely be a return!

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