Excuse No 12 as to Why You Can’t Join a Mastermind Group

“You don’t want to be held accountable”

One of the reasons you started your business, I’m sure, was so you could be your own boss and you didn’t have anybody telling you what to do and when. Right?

So why on earth would you join a group where you go away with a list of things you’ve got to do by a certain date? Well, here’s the thing.

Firstly, you define what those things are. No one’s telling you what to do, only you.

In fact quite a lot of the time I’m telling business owners to cut their lists down because they’re being over optimistic about how much they can achieve in that month.

Secondly, I’m pretty sure you’ve got things on your to do list that just keep going down on your to do list. You never actually cross them off because you haven’t publicly declared that you’re going to do something.

There is some scientific fact and law, I don’t know what it’s called and I don’t know all the details, but it says that those people that write down what they’re going to do or tell people what they’re going to do are more likely to get those things done.

That’s why acountability is really important. In a mastermind group you are held accountable by the members of the group who will ask you if you’ve done the things that you said you were going to do.

Believe me, they are pretty good at sussing out the excuses!

If you actually think about it, you’ve always been held accountable in your business. You’re accountable to your clients, you’ve got to provide them with what you said you would like it or not.

You’re accountable to the tax man. So you’ve always accountable. Being accountable in a mastermind group isn’t really much difference!

If you want to be held accountable for your actions – then consider a mastermind group and take a look here to see our available groups