Excuse No 3 as to why a MasterMind Group is not for you!

Alongside the number one reason/excuse I hear of “I”m too Busy” – comes the “I can’t afford it” – often before people even know how much it is!!

Let me just turn that on its head a little bit.

Can you afford not to invest in a mastermind group?

As I said in the “I’m too busy” blog, one of the most important things that you need to do for your business is to create time to work ON your business.

You can only push your business forward if you give yourself that time and that’s what being in a mastermind group does, it allows you to have structured time to work ON your business. It allows you to push your business goals forward and to work on any business issues you might be experiencing.

How much money would you pay to have the support and advice of 5 like-minded business people who have your back?

The LBN Mastermind groups work out at just over £3 a day – pretty similar to the price of a Costa Coffee

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your cup of coffee, go for it, but has that cup of coffee helped you push your business forward?

We often default to the automatic response of I can’t afford it – without actually thinking what it costs us not to invest!