Excuse No 5 as to why a MasterMind Group is not for you!

I’m just not ready yet.”

I know…. You’re waiting for the perfect time, the time when you actually have the time, when you have the money, when you have the focus, when your business is just a bit more established, when you know exactly what you’re doing and when you know exactly what your business offering is…

Let me tell you a little secret…. That time it’s more than likely never going to come because business evolves.

I’ve been in business for 19 years and there are still times when I don’t know what I’m doing or if I’m going in the right direction…

The fact that you’re not ready means you are ready because this is the exact time that you should be thinking of a mastermind group! When you’re unsure of things, when everything isn’t all mapped out, when you need advice, when you need guidance and more importantly when you need support.

So take a minute to think about why you’re not ready yet. Sometimes you need a little push, which reminds me of my friend, Sarla!

We went to Thailand together a couple of years ago, with our families and we went zip wiring. Sarla was incredibly nervous. She was all strapped in, totally secure and totally safe. She shouted, “I’m not ready yet”! Well, the instructor pushed her anyway, and you know what? By the end of it she realised that it wasn’t that scary and actually started to enjoy it! Without that push she would have missed out on an amazing experience!

Generally, we’re never ready for what happens in life, but as a famous book title says… “Face the fear and do it anyway”!

So – are you ready now? Check out our available Mastermind Groups here!