Excuse No 6 as to why a MasterMind Group is not for you!

“I might not like the people in the group.”

It’s probably impossible. to like all of the people all of the time. And there will be people in your past that you’ve met, maybe at a networking event, that jar on you a bit. People that you simply don’t warm to. But have you actually given that person a chance? Have you tried to get to know them? Probably not!

In a mastermind group, you are meeting people on a slightly different level. So you may well take an initial disliking to someone, but in my experience that dislike generally doesn’t continue. A mastermind group attracts certain type of people, people who recognise the value of support and accountability.

At the heart of mastermind groups there is honesty and integrity and relationships tend to be a lot more powerful.

If after a few sessions you truly don’t like somebody, an experienced facilitator will be able to tell by your body language and the meeting will be dealt with accordingly.

So thinking you might not like someone in the group or worrying that there’ll be somebody there that you don’t like isn’t really a particularly valid thought.

There are probably clients in your business that you don’t like but you probably don’t turn them away, instead you find a way to work with them – this is what you would do in a mastermind situation.