Excuse No 7 as to Why You Can’t Join A Mastermind Group

“It’s too far away.”

It’s funny, isn’t it? We’ll happily spend an entire day traveling to get to our holiday destination…

Holidays are fantastic and when you come back, you feel refreshed and ready to go.

Well, the funny thing is you get the same feeling when you come back from a mastermind group. Maybe it’s because of the support you’ve received from your group or maybe it’s because of all the ideas that have been generated and you can’t wait to get started.

But whichever it is, you’ll definitely feel ready to hit the next month running.

If you are in Gloucestershire then I would imagine that 25 -30 miles is probably the furthest that you would have to travel for one of my mastermind groups

Now this isn’t a great distance to travel if you’re going to get that feeling of being rejuvenated and can’t wait to get on with your business.

Sometimes it is the time spent traveling that worries people because they feel that whilst they are in the car driving they aren’t working IN their business

No you’re not working IN your business, but you’ll be working ON your business and this blog reiterates why that is sooo important!

When you travel back from that mastermind meeting, that hour that you spend traveling back, can be spent processing whatever you’ve learned or what came up in that mastermind group.

Many people think nothing of driving 20 to 30 miles to a networking group. Don’t get me wrong. Networking is fantastic and you may come back with some contacts, but then again you may not. With a mastermind group, you will come back with tangible things you can apply to resolve your issues or move your business forward.

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