Excuse No 8 As to Why You Can’t Join A Mastermind Group

“It’s too cheap.”

Yes, you read that correctly. “It’s too cheap.” is a reason Ive heard a number of types recently.

What these people are actually saying when they’re saying its too cheap is that they’re more concerned or worried about the calibre of person in the group. By this I mean that they’re probably looking for a mastermind group that has a higher level of business in it. So maybe it’s a business owner with 50 plus employees for instance.

Now I set up LBN mastermind groups to be affordable mastermind groups.

Everything that I do with my company LBN (Local Business Network) is so that it’s affordable for the sole trader or micro business owner.

So the people in my groups are generally sole traders or micro business owners

I’ve been a partner in a 2 man band business for 19 years now.

The first 10 years of that, there is no way I would have been able to afford spending thousands of pounds to invest in a mastermind group.

So this is why the price for the LBN mastermind groups is kept relatively low. That’s so you can afford it (and you can’t give me the excuse that you can’t afford it. It’s actually works out £2.85 a day which is less than a cup of Costa coffee!)

I truly believe mastermind groups are such a powerful concept that they should be able to be accessible to anyone – not just those that can invest thousands a month!

And just for the record – I hate the word “cheap” – let’s say “affordable!

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