Excuse No 9 as to Why You Can’t Join a Mastermind Group

“I wont to be able to contribute enough.”

In an LBN MasterMind group there is a Hot Seat and everybody gets to discuss their issues and ask for some advice/direction.

I’ve had people say that they’re not sure that they’d be able to give advice or help anybody out. Maybe it’s because they’ve only been in business for a short while and they just don’t feel that they know enough about business yet.

Believe me, you do know about business. You assimilate far more than you think you know. More importantly, often an issue that appears to be a business issue when you actually delve deeper, turns out to be something else.

In my experience, it’s those people that haven’t been in business for years and years that can generally spot this and can get to ask more delving questions. You can see something that is obvious to you but not to someone else! You’ve heard the expression “can’t see the wood for the trees” – you’ll be surprised how often this happens to “experienced” business owners!

So everybody CAN contribute to a MasterMind group.

What you’re actually telling me, when you are saying, “I don’t’ have anything to contribute” is that you don’t have a great self-belief. So you need to be working on that!

Everybody knows something!