MasterMind groups are not a new concept - they’ve been around since the Ancient Greeks. In a nutshell, a Mastermind group is where a group of people come together to share their knowledge and skills around a particular subject. In the case of these LBN MasterMind Groups, it's business but you could have a Mastermind group on anything at all! Many business millionaires attribute their success to being in a Mastermind group!
LBN MasterMinds are run via zoom, once a month for 3-4 hours. Each meeting has the same format. Meetings are centred around the Hot Seat concept whereby each member has a given time to bring to the table either an issue they have in their business or a goal that they want to achieve. All members are expected to contribute to the discussion. It's surprising how you will discover that another member's Hot Seat can massively help you in your business too! At the end of each session, members come away with an actionable plan and are held accountable at the next meeting.
LBN MasterMinds are for UK based motivated business owners who are either self-employed, in a partnership or run a small team. You will be a go-giver - willing to give advice as well as receive. You will be someone with a positive mindset who understands the benefit of taking action!
The online MasterMind cost is a one-off fee of £600 a year (a fraction of the cost of some mastermind groups!) Or 3 payments of £2025if you prefer. We offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee if after the first session you decide this business process is not for you!
•12 months of support and accountability •30 Minutes on the Hot Seat every month •Free Goal Setting Workshop by mindset Coach Vicki Henderson - Worth £65 •Free membership of LBN Referral Group (See LBN Tab)- Worth £35 •Private Facebook group for support in between meetings
The group will consist of up to 6 business owners who have been in business for a minimum of two years. In a Business Mastermind scenario its important that your direct competitors are not in the room. After all, if you've had a great idea for your business that you want to bounce off the other members - you're unlikely to want to share that idea with another competitor. So for that reason, careful checks are made to ensure that there is no direct competitor in the same group as you.
LBN Masterminds meet once a month for 3-4 hours, for a year- dates are fixed at the start of the programme.
The commitment is to meet once a month for a year - all meetings will be held on the same day e.g. the first Thursday in a month and members are expected to attend at least 90% of the time and build their other commitments around this time.
Ideally you need to be on a computer rather than your phone and you need to download the Zoom application which is free.
If after your first session you decide that it not something you want to continue and you can't see any benefit from the concept then we will offer a no-quibble. money-back guarantee!
It's very important to get the right makeup of people in a Mastermind Group and that's why we have a fairly extensive application form. I need to know I'm putting the right people together who are at a similar stage in their business journey. Click the Apply tab to submit your application. We want everyone to start a group at the same time so it may not be an immediate start but we will keep you informed of starting dates once a suitable group has been formed.