How to Get Testimonials!

One of the best pieces of marketing for your business is what other people have said about you!

Testimonials are such a huge benefit to your business – but many people struggle to get them for a number of reasons.

1. You don’t ask for them!
For some reason it’s deemed not very British to “pester people” for a testimonial! People sometimes feel a little awkward asking or quite often actually simply forget to ask for them!

So – to avoid the forgetting scenario – make sure you have it embedded in your sales procedure. So your sales procedure could be as follows.

Get order, Process order, Process invoice, Send Testimonial request! Send Reminder Testimonial Request!

Get into the mindset of thinking a job’s not complete until a testimonial request has been sent.

Which leads me on to the “pestering” scenario. Maybe you feel awkward asking for a testimonial on a face to face basis – so consider these ways of requesting a testimonial

1. Send a standard email at the end of each order/job saying that you’d really welcome a testimonial email. If you are going to put these on your website then you could offer them a link on your site as a reciprocal favour! If you would prefer the testimonials to be in a particular place- e.g your facebook page or your Linkedin recommendations – then make it incredibly easy for them by sending them the specific link so they just have to click and type!

2. Include it in your email footer…we have a “Have you worked with us? We’d love it if you could leave us a review (link) banner which goes out at the end of all our emails – so if you’ve forgotten to chase them for a review this is just a prompt!

2 You’ve asked but not received!
There are generally only two reasons why people haven’t left you a testimonial.

a) they weren’t happy enough with the service /product or

b) they’re just too damned busy!

Now – if you are in a service led industry you will probably have a pretty good idea if your client hasn’t been happy ( I hope!) so understandably you might be a bit reluctant to chase these ones BUT if this is the case I would still encourage you to ask for their Feedback (just not publically!) in order fo you to improve your service so you can get more raving testimonials in the future!

Generally however, it’s the latter – they are just generally very busy and let’s face it you are not a priority to them. It doesn’t mean however that they don’t want to leave you a testimonial – and they’ve probably verbally promised you one – they just haven’t had the time! So here’s a simple solution….

Write it for them!!

Right now I can hear you thinking..”What?? Really?..I can’t do that!!”

Of course you can…and, believe me, they’ll be so damned relieved you have – because it’s something they can cross off their list!

Here’s how you do it!

1. Send them an email or have a telephone conversation – along the lines of – “I know you are really busy, I know you got value, loved the product etc and I’d love to be able to share your feedback. Would you mind if I just put a few words together for you that I can use on your behalf – I’ll obviously check you are happy first!
2.Draft up a review based on what you think theyre experience and result has been
3. Send for approval – telling them they are free to change whatever!

You’ll be surprised how well this goes down – They are happy because its less work for then – you’re happy because you’ve got your testimonial – which you can use on your website and future marketing!

Do you have any testimonial getting tips? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!