Stop telling yourself “you’re too busy”!

Four reasons why it’s important to make time to work ON your business.

So what do we mean by working ON your business? 

Working ON your business is different to working IN your business. 

When you work IN your business you’re doing the day to day running of the business and servicing your clients by actually providing the service or product that people are paying you for.

Working ON your business is where you are looking at your business from a development point of view, whether that’s developing new customers or new products and services.

Reason No 1 – To avoid “feast or famine” situations

Business owners who are “too busy” working IN their business are missing a trick!

It’s essential to create time in your diary to work “ON” your business in order for your business to grow. Many small business owners experience a feast or famine situation – where they are incredibly busy working IN their business – suddenly the orders start drying up – simply because no time has been spent ON the business to ensure there is a regular flood of customers.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones where you’ve never had a famine situation….but my bet is that you haven’t really been able to grow the business significantly either because you’re simply too exhausted keeping up with working IN the business.

Reason No 2 – To avoid panic marketing

When a business owner is in a “famine”  state its very often then that they turn to what I refer to as  “Panic Marketing” – a scattergun approach to marketing and product development that is born out of a lack of revenue and a sense of urgency and panic about how the monthly bills are going to be met.

Suddenly we start wasting money on marketing avenues that aren’t necessarily right for our business – hands up if you’ve ever boosted a Facebook post in the vain hope that something will come of it???

If you’ve taken regular time out to market your business then you should never have the need to do panic marketing…

Reason No 3 – Saves you money  

Saving you money follows on from the one above. If you allow yourself the time to plan your business growth and your marketing when you are not panicking then you won’t resort to panic and wasting money on marketing that fails to hit the spot.

Reason No 4 –  Makes you money

In the long run working ON your business will make you more money – you will be able to identify gaps in your market, you’ll be able to develop your product, your service and your audience, you’ll be able to identify where you can increase productivity or save on costs.

Many business owners only see the small picture – the day to day stuff- give yourself time to dream and plan and develop!

So – how do you give yourself time to work ON your business? 

It’s essential that you book regular time into your diary and protect it with your life! Don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze it in at the end of a long day when you are tired and stressed. 

For some people booking out a few hours a day works better than booking an entire day.

Let me know in the comments below how much time you spend ON your business and when the optimum time is for you!

PS – A MasterMind group is a great way of booking out time to work undevoted ON your business! Find out more details here.