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What does Success in Business mean to you?

We often talk about “success” in business and “being successful” and its something many business people strive to be.

But what exactly is “success”?

The dictionary defines it simply as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

Success is actually a personal state of mind – it’s what you choose it to be.

To some people “ being successful ” is having a fantastic work/life balance. For others its creating something that makes a difference to individuals or the world in general. For some its having a lamborghini on the drive, and a 6 figure plus income.

Perception of Success

Many people’s perception of business success is generally the latter – that you are truly successful when you are earning a high income. I was reminded of this when I reached out to a contact of mine. I wanted to know if she would like to find out The Best Kept  Secret to Business Growth. One of the questiosn I asked was   “Do you ever feel that you are not achieving the levels of success you deserve?”

This contact immediately assumed I was talking about success in monetary values  replying that “life isn’t about zooming around at top speed to make as much money as possible.”

In fact I was just talking about success in its broadest sense – i.e. whatever success means to you. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to define your success by others  – therein lies the road to madness and probably huge amounts of dissatisfaction!.

Your Success

Take a moment to define YOUR version of success.

Then decide the steps you are going to make to get there! 

For me business success is about having a business that I love, that allows me to have a great work/ life balance and that also hopefully creates a difference for other business owners. I’m not so bothered about the lamborghini if I’m honest! I’m working my way up to a convertible Fiat 500!

What’s your definition of success and how will you know that you’ve achieved it?

PS  – Many “successful “people attribute this one thing to their success!


  1. Sharon

    Success for me will be when My Business is fully online so I can work anywhere there is wifi and I won’t be tied to an office. I want to afford to travel to see family and friends whenever I want to and know that I can still provide value to my clients.

    1. RachaelWilloughby

      That’s a fantastic measure of success and definitely one We want to achieve too! How long till you reach it do you think?

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